If you are uncertain about how to manage a breastfeeding problem seek guidance from a lactation consultant.

Keep details of consultants in your practice diary and with your reception staff.

1. Australian Breastfeeding Association has a contact helpline for mothers p. 1800mum2mum p. 1800 686 268     Check out http://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/  for evidence-based information and group meetings for helpful role modelling. Also see https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bfinfo/breastfeeding-fact-or-fiction for further help.

2. La Leche League International  www.llli.org evidence based advice and role modeling group meetings

3. INFACT Canada  www.infactcanada.ca  and Dr J. Newman www.BreastFeedingInc.ca  both very good sites

4. www.Kellymom.com a good evidence-based site for mothers

5. Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand www.lcanz.org to find a lactation consultant and helpful web sites. Similarly www.ilca.org  website for International Lactation Consultants Association

6. Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has helpful protocols for professionals  www.bfmed.org

7. “Medications and Mothers Milk” T. Hale available on-line http://www.medsmilk.com/  ISBN 978-0-9823379-9-8   Most drugs are quite safe in breastfeeding mothers. Also check , http://www.infantrisk.com and  www.mothersafe.org.au

8. Sweet Sleep  2014 ISBN 978-0-345-51847-7 La Leche League International  Essential evidence-based sleep http://www.llli.org/sweetsleepbook

Your patients may ask you how best to prepare for breastfeeding. They may well know that breastfeeding is important for their baby and therefore worth persevering with and overcoming any problems. Most expectant and new mothers find that helpful role modeling e.g. spending time with breastfeeding mothers enhances their knowledge and confidence.