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Quiet MRI imaging on sleeping infants under the age of 4 looked at microstructure of myelin in brain’s white matter

  • Babies who had been exclusively or partially formula fed for the first 3 months had reduced development in key parts of the brain white matter at two years compared to the evolutionary norm of those exclusively breastfed
  • A 20% to 30% reduction in white matter was found at age 2 years, indicating that there may be something deficient in formula leading to a mishap that negatively influenced neurological development.


  • First investigation of breastfeeding and early infant brain myelination
  • Breastfed infants shown improved brain development by two years of age*
  • Duration of breastfeeding is positively associated with behavioural performance*

* Note: These highlights from NeuroImage are a thinkable example of upside-down interpretation of findings:- It is health risk findings which should be reported not the evolutionary norms of breastfeeding stated as benefits.

Deoni S et al NeuroImage 2013,82:77-86 (Brown Univ.)