“We found that greater breast milk feeding in the first 28 days of life was associated with greater deep nuclear gray matter and hippocampal volume at term equivalent age, and with higher IQ, academic achievement, working memory and motor scores at 7 years of age in very preterm infants. These results provide support for national and international recommendations to provide breast milk as the primary diet for preterm infants.”

J Pediatr July 2016. Belfort M B, Anderson P J, Nowak V A, et al  

Would it be more scientifically accurate to report  the above stating that  ”the health risk of formula feeding this group of newborns leads to a dose-related reduction in depth of deep nuclear grey matter and hippocampal volume with reduction of IQ,  academic achievement, working memory and motor scores at seven years of age”?

Reporting the evolutionary norm of breast milk as a benefit disguises the truth.