Primate evolution commenced 65 MYA              Chimpanzees branched off 7MYA

  • 3.5 MYA  A.Afarensis (Lucy);     3 MYA A.Africanus (Taung’s Child);                  H. Habilus 2.5 MYA, H. Erectus 2.0 MYA, and H. Sapiens are probably a single evolutionary lineage dating from 2.5 MYA.
  • Cranial capacity has increased throughout human history but not at a constant rate. Swiftest growth in past 800,000 years. No obvious change in past 40,000 years
  • Control of and use of fire 800,000 years ago
  • Modern H.Sapiens dates from 200,000 years ago
  • Agriculture 11,000 years ago
  • Natural selection may continue to drive the evolutionary process with slow replacement of one gene by another and, with helpful mutations, each step would confer a tiny reproductive advantage which includes mother’s milk.
  • Unhelpful mutations may lead to reproductive failure.