Elsie June Mobbs was an Australian clinical psychologist and lactation consultant, notable for her pioneering work commencing in the 1970s on human imprinting and the emotional development of children during the first six months of life. Elsie’s contributions to science include:

  1. The discovery of the process by which imprinting operates in humans and other mammals (an oral-tactile process),
  2. Identification of the first phase of emotional development in humans (Latchment), and
  3. Extending Sigmund Freud’s concept of displacement to understand how babies transfer their oral-tactile imprint from the mother’s breast to a unique decoy, such as a thumb or dummy.

Elsie also summarised the diverse range of perinatal and paediatric implications arising from this fundamental research.

Elsie passed away in 2012. Her work has been continued by her husband Dr G A Mobbs.


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