The lactational phase of human reproduction may also be described as a stage of exterior gestation as human babies are born with the least developed brain of any primate. The knowledge that the formula feeding of our precious babies has been associated with a measured reduction in brain white matter is significant and alarming and leads our attention to the essential and unique nature of the bioactive factors present and alive in mother’s milk and to ensuring our babies receive their evolutionary accomplishment.

Formula denies our babies the evolutionary advantage of the early nutritional, antimicrobial, immuno-regulatory, anti-inflammatory and behavioural benefits implemented by 65 million years of natural selection which has determined successful primate evolution. The feeding of formulations which have been manufactured from non-living, non-human species milks and soy juices, during the time of maximum brain development deserves concern. There is a measured 64% increase in baby’s brain size during the first 90 days of life.
The expression “The Seduction of Unreason” is the title of the renowned book written by Richard Wolin; 2004, Princeton University Press: IBN:0-691-11464-1. Not surprisingly, with such a title, the book is about political misdeeds. The term “seduction of unreason”, we believe, similarly applies to the infant care principle misdeeds popularised by industrial propaganda and fostered by carer ignorance, and then, experimented on many unfortunate babies, some of whom may go on to suffer autoimmune disease which may lead to an unhappy life, or infectious disease which may be life threatening.

[slides 28 and 30 for formula hazards,  M Bartick DOI:10.1111/mcn.12366 for statistics and slide 49 for M Minchin – transgenerational  overview of increasing health risks of autoimmune disease and allergy from Milk Matters ISBN: 9780959318310] (also as e-book).