What we will learn today and why  2

Knowing the ropes 2-9

Key terms in foundational behaviour and evolutionary success  10-21

Resources providing helpful advice 22

Safe sleep  23

SIDS and smothering  24

Scientific integrity  25

Odds ratio  26

Breastfeeding and normal expectations 27

Problems and pitfalls of formula feeding 28

Topic Guide 29

Formula denies evolutionary benefits  30

Brain growth MRI  31

Dendrite connections  32

Formula feeding and white matter deficiency  33

Formula feeding and grey matter deficiency  34

Anti-epileptic drugs, pregnancy & formula feeding 35

How IQ matters and Bell curve  36

Retinopathy of prematurity and formula feeding 37

Breastfeeding protects optimal calcium and phosphorous metabolism  38

Fragility fracture, hip fracture and formula feeding 39

Reset delay hypothesis and infant formula use  40

Breast cancer and formula feeding  41



Million women study, formula feeding and BMI  42

Dysbiosis, autoimmune disease and formula feeding  43

Oligosaccharides and bifidobacterium infantis  44

Intestinal immune homeostasis  45

Transgenerational allergy and autoimmune disease  46

Autoimmune disease  47

The Allergy Epidemic 48

Gut colonization and progression of allergy   49

Long term Australian Child Health 50

Milk banking  51

Family court and weaning risks for baby and mother  52

Is this relevant for me and what about return to work  53

Common clinical problems identified  54-63

Anatomy of lactating breast 63

Exterior Gestation 64

Weakening of masseter muscles in bottle-fed baby: A dysfunctional pathway 65

Hominin Cookbook 66

Don’t debate feeding choices  67

Quick look at ‘Attachment’ psychology 68

The Lancet Breastfeeding series 69

Any questions? 70