Prevention is the best treatment

  • Feed frequently – over 24 hours. Delaying a feed is not physiological. Feed baby when he opens one eye, change nappy when he finishes feeding.
  • Sleep without a bra. Cotton singlet or T shirt soaks up milk but topless best
  • Ensure decent fitting bra during day time e.g. sports bra


  • Remove bra before feeding baby
  • Hand-expression and feed baby from affected breast first
  • Massage and express breast in direction of nipple
  • Alternate feeding positions
  • Comfort measures including warmth (helps oxytocin let-down), cold packs (reduce oedema)
  • Anti-inflammatory medication – Ibuprofen 400 mg qid for pain Reassure mother of safety of this medication
  • Bed rest and reassurance – encourage mother to co-sleep as the physiological norm. Give her a SAFE SLEEP 7 PRINTOUT (LA LECHE LEAGUE)
  • Recommend contact with lactation consultant / ABA / La Leche League.