• The number of ductal openings is 4-18
  • The ducts branch closer to the nipple
  • Each breast has 15-25 lobes and each lobe has 10-100 alveoli
  • Ducts can reside close to the skin surface making them easily compressible
  • The majority of the glandular tissue is found within 30mm of the nipple

Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group 


Lower numbers of alveoli usually provide baby’s needs as the more quickly the breast is emptied, the more quickly more milk is made (has your natural autonomous process of saliva production ever let you down at a dinner?)

“There was no correlation between milk production and the amount of glandular tissue, the number of ducts or the mean diameter of the milk ducts, nor was there a correlation between the amount of glandular tissue and the storage capacity of the breast” See: Ramsey D T et al. 2005, Journal of Anatomy 206:525 – 534