• Mammalian precursors possessed a skin with apical like glands providing ancient lysozyme and ancient lactoferrin supplying immune protection and moisture to parchment enclosed eggs dating to over 300 MYA (million years ago), compare human colostrum.
  • Secondary palate arose 256 MYA.
  • Earliest eutherians (complete placenta and lactation) appeared around 160 MYA (Juramaia Sinensis).
  • Diversification 65 MYA following great Cretaceous extinction and end of 100 MY of dinosaur dominance. Dairy cattle precursor already split from common mammalian ancestor 85 million years ago. Primate split 65 MYA. Emergence of social mammal 30 MYA.

7 Million Great Grandparent of all primates (65 MYA)

85 MYA cattle precursor separated from mammalian common ancestor